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We are a creative agency founded in Beijing, the capital of 1.3 billion people. We’ve made a name for ourselves by our constant evolution. A decade of change has filled us with deep local knowledge and an unbias global perspective. Let's face it. Change brings about disruption and progress. It's time to grow up.


We stop at nothing to crack and rack our minds for inspiring discoveries that cannot be explained by words. It’s time to wake up with your imagination.


The adventure starts here. You can expect the type of mind-blowing ideas from a group of talented individuals; each armed with their own weaponry to take on any challenges. And collectively, you can expect nothing but the best.


Tailor-made, bespoked and the attention to details are just some of the finer points that differentiate us from the rest. You will get to know yourself just a little bit better.


Unlike others, we rarely like to be told what to do. The value of our opinions reap results. Talk is cheap. Action is priceless. Timing is everything. You decide.

Experience is the child of thought, and thought is the child of action.

- Benjamin Disraeli


We believe our work speaks for itself. Browse our most recent projects below.



  • Baidu:

The 2nd series of Baidu Cloud Voice & Image Search for mobile devices. Leading up to the online campaign is local celebrity, Yue Yunpeng.

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Perceptive Reality Lab

Perceptive Reality Lab

A innovation unit that explores Natural User Interface (or some calls it NUI). We have worked on projects both locally and abroad to bring a new kind of experience in digital interactivity.

We utilise new media to create new forms of access to products, services and scientific or cultural topics. To achieve this we employ four clearly defined formats: interactive screen applications, installations, interactive environments and architecture.

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Our collection of news, clippings and interesting facts about how good air quality and well-being matters to all. Check it all out at

The Beauty Code


We wanted to explore and understand the concept of beauty amongst affluent middle class female consumers in China’s second tier cities. We met eight women in the cities of Tianjin and Hangzhou – all aged between 25 and 35, earning above average income – who considered their appearance to be important to them.

Our research team combined local knowledge with Western unfamiliarity, giving us deep insight but without missing the obvious.

There is a large and growing window of opportunity to sell cosmetic and make-up products to middle class women who have developed their careers and have disposable income, but have not yet made the decision to get married or have children. There are also opportunities for appealing to slightly older women in their 30s who are married or have children.

One of the most important themes in Chinese culture is conformity. A large challenge for any product is conveying how the product allows the consumer to differentiate themselves from their peers or be individual – while still conforming to the roles expected of them by society.

In this project, we will explore the problems present in marketing cosmetic products to Chinese women, and present some strategies for overcoming them.

We will also distinguish between cosmetic products and make-up. Although makeup is a cosmetic product, in this report we will use the term “makeup” to refer to products that directly affect the appearance of the consumer, such as eyeliner or lipstick, and the term “cosmetic product” to refer to products that indirectly affect the appearance of the consumer or the health of their skin, such as moisturizer or facial peel. Although this distinction is somewhat ambiguous, it is necessary as attitudes to these two classes of product are very different.

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Project Re:born is a creative initiative to bring old Chinese brands into the new. It is an attempt to re-establish the presence of old Chinese brands by opening up new doors of discovery to a generation of young Chinese consumers. It is neither a rebranding exercise nor is it a total reconstruction. But rather, it is one that takes a look into the cultural context based on the brand history and its development that has captured the hearts of many Chinese consumers through the times.


HP Pugilist Campaign

  • Location: Brooklyn, NY


Each completed project makes us even more hungry, hungry for more ideas, more insanities and at least some more twinkies. We are the crazy bunch that knows what matters most. Just don't be surprised when it happens.


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So if you are really interested in what we can do for you, just give us a buzz or drop us an email. Or simply swing by our gorgeous space and discover why dreams are possible. It will be worth your while.